Kamala Harris berbicara dengan sejumlah pekerja yang mengenakan celemek merah, membersihkan ikan, dengan latar belakang perahu-perahu kecil (© Haiyun Jiang/The New York Times/AP)

Partners in a prosperous and secure Indo-Pacific

The U.S. is strengthening partnerships in the Indo-Pacific. See how these efforts help countries meet 21st-century challenges.
Protesters holding up hands in street (© Sakchai Lalit/AP)

Standing with the people of Burma 2 years after the military...

Two years after its coup, the military regime in Burma continues to carry out a brutal campaign of violence against its own people.
Illustration of oversized hands protecting vulnerable woman (Graphic: State Dept./M. Gregory. Image: © GoodStudio/Shutterstock.com)

Supporting human rights defenders

Human rights defenders face dangers for their efforts to protect universally recognized rights. Learn the State Department's role
Person seen on ground surrounded by people in uniform (© Misha Friedman/AP Images)

Authoritarian regimes continue jailing journalists

Authoritarian regimes continue to jail journalists around the world. Learn more about the problem and how the U.S. supports independent news.
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Meet the watchdogs guarding internet access

When authoritarian regimes block the internet, these organizations expose the restrictions against free expression.
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Religious freedom: A U.S. founding principle

Discover the latest status of religious freedom in nearly 200 countries and territories from the State Department's 2021 report.
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U.S. spotlights human rights abuses worldwide

The State Department issued its 2021 human rights report, which informs efforts to prevent violations around the world.
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U.S. rules Burmese military’s attacks on Rohingya genocide

The U.S. recognizes the gravity of the atrocities against the Rohingya and is working to promote accountability for those responsible.
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The Quad: Supporting democratic values in the Indo-Pacific

The U.S., Australia, India and Japan are working together to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change and to advance Indo-Pacific security.