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Kremlin pressures more Russian media outlets into silence

Media outlets in Russia have suspended operations in response to the Kremlin's restrictions on factual reporting on the war against Ukraine.
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Faces of Kremlin propaganda: Dimitri Peskov

This installment in a series looks at Dimitri Peskov, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, who lives in luxury as he spreads disinformation.
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Faces of Kremlin propaganda: Vladimir Solovyov

This installment in a series on major players in Russia's disinformation campaigns looks at Vladimir Solovyov, a Russian broadcaster.
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Ned Price: Why we welcome tough questions

As the State Department spokesperson who speaks daily with reporters from around the world, Ned Price knows the importance of a free press.
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In the U.S., public companies’ financial details are transparent to all

Regulators require companies listed on U.S. stock markets to report financial details regularly. Anyone can sort the data for free.
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RT and Sputnik: 5 facts to know

RT and Sputnik have been in the news lately. Learn more about these two Russian outlets that call themselves journalism.
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Real news site or Russian propaganda?

News Front is an example of Russia’s strategy of using state-controlled media to legitimize and popularize Kremlin disinformation narratives.
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Putin’s pattern of lies [video]

From Syria to Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has a track record of using disinformation to hide what Russia is doing. Learn some recent examples.
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How anyone can request government records

In the United States, anyone can use the Freedom of Information Act to find out what the government is doing and how it's doing it.