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Illustration of Dima Kyrpa and Tetiana Burianova (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Defending Ukraine: Repair Together volunteer group

This installment in a series focuses on a group that relies on music and dance while they clean up destruction from Russia's invasion.
Illustration of Nataliya Mykolska and Valentina Synenka (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Defending Ukraine: Dattalion founders fight disinformation

This installment in a series focuses on the founders of a site that posts images, videos and stories showing the war's impact on Ukrainians.
Van Dinh Vy Phuong pointing at IT equipment as two male students look on (USAID BUILD-IT Project)

Helping women in Vietnam become academic leaders

Two Vietnamese women made history on a college campus in Vietnam when they obtained university leadership positions in fields where women are underrepresented. Do Thi...
Illustration of Ukrainian activist Oleksandra Matviichuk (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Defending Ukraine: Oleksandra Matviichuk

This installment in a series focuses on a woman who leads Kyiv's Center for Civil Liberties and its effort to document war crimes.
Illustration of hand waving over lightbulb sitting atop computer tablet (© Shutterstock.com)

Inventions of 2022

Several U.S. companies released inventions during 2022 with a mission to help others or improve the environment.
Child drinking water from glass held by woman (Courtesy of Tigre.Paris/Drinkwell)

U.S. company delivers clean water in Bangladesh

Drinkwell is honored with the 2022 Award for Corporate Excellence for its creative way to provide clean water with little waste.
Selfie of Evangelista Chekera standing among chickens (Courtesy of Evangelista Chekera)

A Zimbabwean farmer gets ahead with STEM mentoring

Meet a TechWomen alumna who sees the connection between small farms and the wider community needs of food and economic sufficiency.
Mural of girl riding horse under the word "freedom" (© @superkant and @CyVisualsMiami for @StreetArtMankind)

Street mural exhibit in Houston aims to inspire

A collection of new murals in Houston draws attention to universal issues such as climate change and education.
Tractor in field (USAID AGRO/Sodel Vladyslav)

$100 million U.S. initiative boosts Ukrainian agriculture

Learn more about a USAID program that helps get Ukrainian farmers and the country's agricultural sector moving again.